Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now for the opposition to Good. Evil has its allied concepts and strategies. These are of course linked by tradition and biblical description.
As you would expect, from Light being associated with Goodness, Darkness is associated with Evil. It offers Evil several advantages. First, it hides the destructive effects of Evil’s work. In the dark the damage is hidden or obscured. If you could plainly see a comparison between Good’s effects and Evil’s effects the choice between Good and Evil would be much easier. Second it offers cover to those who do Evil. Darkness protects them from capture and scrutiny. Muggings, rapes and murders happen at night for a reason. This leads us to the third aid Darkness lends to Evil, confusion. In the Dark it is easy to get confused about which direction you should go, where you came from, where the pitfalls are and where your friends are. In a battle, Darkness can cause you to turn your attack on one of your own. I am reminded of the movie “Courage Under Fire” where Denzel Washington’s character recounts an episode in the Gulf War where tanks under his command got mixed into Iraqi tanks during a night battle resulting in friendly fire between American tanks. The confusion of the Darkness was then dispelled instantly when his character ordered all tanks in his unit to turn on their running lights. The firing then ensued upon the enemy tanks with devastating effect. Darkness is a great harbor for disorientation. Darkness is a facilitator of confusion. In moments of confusion many innocent people’s lives can be changed forever. Lacking moral light or moral clarity can lead to a terrible, life changing mistake. Darkness is an ally to Evil.
Other terms and concepts associated with Evil are Death, Cursing, Fear, Hatred, Lying/ Deceit, Rebellion, Despair, Defiance of Design, Shame, Slavery/ Bondage and Sin to name a few. All aid Evil some way in facilitating damage or are the result of it.
You can begin to see how the forces of Good are much more powerful than of Evil. Moral clarity, or Light, can prevent you from making a great mistake. It can help you to see your way when others are faltering. Light is more powerful than Darkness. Darkness cannot overpower Light. It is just the opposite. The tools of Goodness are more powerful than those of Evil. We just need some contemporary uses of them to reassure Americans that this is true. Let Light and Truth work for you.