Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hope I have something to give that will encourage you. I left off the last post with definitions of Good and Evil. I need to explain that these definitions are heavily influenced by Christianity and the Bible. You probably understood that when you read them. The reason I say this is because it is the Bible that teaches us that Life, Health, Character, Property and Potential are of great value. Not just my Life, Health, Character, Property and Potential but yours as well. That is a big distinction between Christianity and some other major religions. The Bible also gives us standards that are excellent to live by that make life better for ourselves and those around us.
Good, Biblical Good, is allied with specific values and concepts. These concepts enhance the experience of those things Good values. They also give us a better understanding of Good. They put handles on the ideal of Good for our minds and hearts to grab hold of. For example, one of these elements allied with Good is Light
Life is not possible without Light. It is the backdrop for the courageous, the true, the faithful. Those who love honor and integrity live in the Light where their actions are plain for everyone to see. There is no need for the cover of darkness when you live a life following Good.
Many of Light’s qualities aid the cause of Good. These qualities can be spoken of in a literal sense as well as a spiritual one.
Light is a revealer of Truth. It exposes reality to scrutiny. That reality can be pleasant. Painters learn the skill of using light to reveal beauty. Photographers do this too. Great photographers have mastered the use of light to illuminate beauty. Light can also expose reality that is unpleasant. An example of this is when a doctor uses a light microscope to look at damaged or diseased tissue to diagnose an illness. Cancers are identified by light microscopes. Light is an unbiased revealer of Truth in practical matters and Spiritual matters too.
Those who do things that are harmful to people and don’t want others to know, don’t like Light. Those who do Good are not afraid of Light.
Light reveals the pitfalls in life to be avoided and helps you find the safe path. Light and Good are allies.
Other concepts allied with Good are: Truth, Blessing, Love, Hope, Obedience, Compliance with Design and Honor to name a few. These concepts have been historically allied with Good. Their association with Good can be seen over and over again in the Bible.
This is just some ground work for further discussion. I will lay out some of the concepts allied with Evil next.

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