Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vitamin E

I need a little Vitamin E(ncouragement) once in a while.

I'm 46. I went to college after high school and finished my BS in Animal Science in 1987. I passed on going to Veterinary College at the time due to burn out. I was working and going to school at the time. I went to work in the medical industry for 8years then was fired. It was traumatic for me at the time. Never been fired. Very humbling. So in 1995 I had to make a decision to either go back to Veterinary School or get another job in the medical industry as a sales rep. It was a big deal for me because I then had 2 children and my wife. I realized if I would ever achieve my dream I had to go back then. I decided to take the risk with my family in tow.

While working a full time job with my father-in-law, I started studying at night for the VAT (Veterinary Aptitude Test), a 5 hour exam that covered a world of knowledge. I did well as it turned out. After 1 1/2 years of preparation I was accepted and started College at age 32. For four years I worked and went to a professional college the extremes of which I can't begin to describe. I did all that I could for my family and my education. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I felt guilty for putting my family through all the strain for my dream. We lived just above poverty level for 5-6 years because of my choice to sacrifice. The time it took me away from my two girls can never be gotten back. I had myself convinced I would make it up to them later with a higher standard of living because of my education. This is possible in America you know.

After Veterinary College I worked 3 jobs to make my student loan and house payments, one full time and 2 relief work jobs (where a vet substitutes for another who wants to go on vacation.) I was working every day. Then 1 1/2 years after graduating from Vet School I was approached by another Vet to buy his clinic. What a leap of faith it was to take that plunge while I was already in debt more than I could ever have dreamed. I did. I risked everything again to have a chance at financial independence.

If you have ever owned a business you know you don't own a business. It owns you. In 2001 I began the purchase of my practice. I have done all that I could to make it successful while maintaining my relationships with my wife and kids. It has been a never ending series of hoops and obstacles but in 2009 I finished the purchase of the practice. I am still paying off other debt but the practice is finally paid for.

All this has taken its toll on my health and family.

God has a great sense of humor in regard to my life. I look forward to sharing video clips of my hapless life with the rest of you guys in Heaven. I imagine Him watching me and saying to one of the angel, "Hey, come her and watch this." For instance...

In 2008, as you know, Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. It just so happened that he was elected at a rare time in our history when the House of Representatives and the Senate had majorities that would follow him, like possesed pigs, into the sea. Guess what. They want to change the rules to everything. Now after my long, hard, 110% bust my hump, by the rules, risk everything twice slog to some little bit of success I am faced with a new challenge. The never ending change of rules that will "redistribute" the little that I have struggled for. I now have the "priviledge" of improving the lives of those who know nothing of my sacrifices. So much for bettering my life and the lives of those around me who know and have shared in the sacrifices. Wow, tough pill to swallow.

I said all of that to say to you despite the government's aim to punish those who have worked and sacrificed for some wealth, despite the unjust practice of changing the rules in mid game, despite the ruling class attitude, despite the brushing aside of the wishes of the majority and despite the total self gratifying nature of this government they did not change in one wit who I am.

I still believe in fair play. I believe in generosity, charity and the incredible potential of an individual's life. I believe the more a government tries to control life and wealth, the smaller that government will appear and the smaller that government will be in actuality.

I believe a government that thinks its citizens need its benevolence and charity is a government run by petty, narcissistic men who have never known what personal excellence, freedom or true goodness really mean.

I believe in a personal excellence that no government or law can take away, abridge, restrain, direct or control.

I believe in a God who endows those He created with such glorious things as life, liberty and the chance to seek happiness in this world. No government should mess with Him, His plans or try to take His place in the lives of its citizens.

The "new rules" can't touch my affections for my wife. It cannot hold back my love for my children. They cannot keep me from admiring brave and noble men and women whom I own my gratitude.

The "new rules" will not stop me from protesting them, opposing them at every chance, and explaining the grievous injustice of redistributing the benefits of the labors I have poured my life into at great expense to those I love.

This government will not take my integrity, perseverance, generosity, vision and belief that God reigns sovereign over it even when it does not acknowledge Him. Heaven will demonstrate the error of such a government.

I will not surrender, ever, my passion for a free American Society that is a garden for individual excellence. I will not allow it. This administration does not have the power, wisdom nor the equipment to divest my soul of such things. I am the sole owner of these wonderous things and more. This administration will never understand, change, or take them from me.

How about you?

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