Friday, May 7, 2010

Social Justice = Socialism Injustice II

To build on the last post...

The first stated injustice #1, has been a matter of practice in our government for quite some time. The government has been stepping between individuals and the natural consequences of their unwise or harmful behavior for over 60 years now. I am all for helping someone after a mistake or bad turn of events. That's one thing, but to not address a problem, as a problem or mistake, and continue to fund it is not helpful for anyone.

Intervening to stop the natural consequences of bad behavior is (for the government) to play God, and contradict nature's laws. It is costly, frustrating and futile.

Whether you believe it or not we have been semi-socialist since FDR. To the extent we have been socialist we have demonstrated the folly of socialism. The war on poverty has failed miserably. Social Security officially runs out of money this year. Even with Welfare Reform the system is failed at best.

The current administration is now proposing the institution of the second injustice (#2 in previous post) to its fullest extent (see link in previous post.) Charging the "high producers" a fee to reduce their income enough to make them "equal" to the "low or non-producers" will make "low or non-producers" of us all and demonstrate once again the flaws of socialism.

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