Monday, June 6, 2011

The Only Way to Keep from Dying is to Commit Suicide

I guess I don't learn very fast. I am still trying to make sense of the democratic/liberal stance on our national debt. A recent conversation stimulated this attempt to understand their policies.

So let me get this straight: 1 Almost everyone agrees we are spending ourselves into national suicide. 2 The liberal position is we cannot cut spending or taxes (on the rich) to raise revenue. 3 If we cut spending or fail to raise the debt ceiling (according to liberals/dems) it will be death by Armageddon. 4 If we raise the debt ceiling it will allow us to accomplish #1

So in summary the democratic/liberal position is that if we commit suicide (by continuing to spend) it will keep us from dying (in a financial Armageddon.)

I think there is another option.

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