Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obamacare Patriotism

Couldn't pass this without commenting.

Michael Moore is making foolish and dishonest defense of Obamacare. It is interesting that he is now admitting there will be longer waits for medical care. I don't remember this being mentioned before the bill passed, at least not by Moore.

Michael Moore defends Obamacare and healthcare programs similar to it around the world. Moore says the only "things you maybe have to wait for" are a knee replacement surgery or cataracts.

"Things that are not life-threatening," Moore said on HBO's "Real Time" with host Bill Maher. "The reason why you have to wait sometimes in those countries is they let everybody in the line. We make 50 million people out of the line so the line is shorter, so sometimes you have to wait as long. If you are a patriotic American, you want every American to be covered the same as you. No, not 'I'm going to get ahead because I have health insurance and they don't,'" Michael Moore explained.

The fact is no one was out of the line. Everyone can get medical care in the US even if they do not have insurance. It is not that we are adding 50 million people to the line, it is that we are reducing hundreds of lines to one. Hundreds of private health insurance providers are being whittled down to one, the US government. And thousands of health care providers are being reduced to who knows how few because the incentive to go into the medical profession has been greatly reduce along with the doctor's income potential.

It's not that there are more in line. It's that there will be fewer lines.

So friends, your patiently enduring a bad policy that will certainly hasten our financial ruin is you mark of patriotism.

I would rather think that saving the country from this disastrous bill would be more patriotic.

Shorter waits for medical care are just a bonus.

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