Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Courage of Romney

I haven't been a Romney fan from the start but I'm warming up to him quickly. I was favorable impressed by his performance in the first debate. It occurred to me today that for Romney the debate was just another board meeting. Romney has been doing this for 25 years. He has been preparing himself with solid facts and accurate data, that will be checked by potential investors, to make his pitch for successful endeavors as part of his job for much longer than President Obama has been in politics.

Romney is obviously up for this kind of work.

What impresses me most about Mr. Romney is his willingness to take the helm right before the proverbial excrement hits the fan. If we are really looking for a reason for President Obama's poor performance in the debate, I would say look to what the next 4 years will bring if he remains. No doubt record setting inflation is heading our way. You cannot print money from thin air without consequence. The next 4 years are nothing to look forward to for Mr. Obama. He won't have a friendly congress either. Why bust your hump to get your hump busted. If he gets out on the 4 year plan he won't be at the helm when the crop of inflation he has sewn turns into a bumper.

Mr. Romney, my hat is off to you for fighting for the helm on the eve of a hurricane. God help you.

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