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How Does My Stance on Gay Marriage Affect You?

Sometimes you just have to respond…

The Post I'm Responding to was published by the Huffington Post on line at:

I have included the address for you to read the whole article.

Everyone, everyone, EVERYONE reading this post is alive because A man and A woman came together in some capacity. Can we still see at minimum the utility in the relationship? Everyone exists because they have a mother and a father. We are human. Is it possible to dream of something more than just utility for the bringing of someone else into the world? Something more than a breeding pair? Could we conceive of a relationship that reaches into the future to lay out a stable, safe, loving, nurturing, educational, encouraging, inspirational environment to grow humans in? Maybe we had it once. What was it called?

Maybe we can place that relationship on a higher level of importance than other relationships. A relationship that creates and grows humans should be special. Is there a word to describe something that is so important it should be protected and kept clean and...what's the word...kept sacred?

There are so many biological characteristics that are complimentary between men and women. It's like we were design to "fit" together in behavior, in anatomy, in emotional make up, in reproductive physiology, in longevity. It's like we were designed for each other. Huh. Made to have a special relationship to make new humans, provide a special environment. Designed for it but seemingly incapable.

Maybe something it missing for the designed pair. Maybe the Designer intended to be a part of the design. The system has a gap in it without the Designer? Plug in the most important piece of the system and success is much more likely, maybe even ensured.

So when I see a blog ask how changing the nature of the

Just a few responses to the article.

“While a huge majority of the country celebrated this tremendous civil rights victory a minority of Americans found this to be one of the darkest days on record.”

If "huge majorities" just celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision then why go the Supreme Court Route? Why not put it to a vote (as it was done in 30 states) and let that huge majority make it legal. Then the small minority would accept the results pure and simple.

I want to begin to answer these questions with a question to the author. (The condescension in these questions would be hard for a Christian even as humble as yourself to take.) My question: If you are not practicing homosexuality then how does my stance on gay marriage “end up affecting your marriage? How does this affect your relationship with your own children?” I’ll answer for you, it does. In every way. How we define marriage and sexuality affects everyone in our society especially children. Let’s stop this “shut uppery”. Everyone, has a right to a voice in the influence of our culture. Shouting down or shaming down the opposition does not make your case stronger. Quite the contrary, it reveals your soft argument. 

It is breath taking how casually we are breaking the foundation of our society and tut-tuting those who express concern.

Now the Questions:
15. Sally and Jen move in next door to you with their two kids. How does this end up affecting your marriage? How does this affect your relationship with your own children?
Now I must have a deep, heavy conversation with a child that is too young for the subject, causing all kinds of questions and confusion in the mind of my child.  

The local school now must address this situation and how will they address it? Normal, natural, wholesome? I will be forced to withdraw my child from the school that I pay taxes to and home school, private school or let them teach my kids something I know to be harmful.

14. Greg's husband of 30 years, Jack, sadly passes away unexpectedly and there is no will written. Should Greg be able to inherit what his husband Jack leaves behind?
If there was no written will (and there should have been) the property will go through probate court just as it did before “gay marriage” and Greg could make his claim on the estate within one year of Jack's passing. The same thing happens to traditional families. Nothing new here. 

13. John had a terrible marriage with Cindy and after about a year they divorced. In a few years both John and Cindy found love again, married these new partners and just couldn't be happier. Are they adulterers as the bible states they are?
A more interesting question here is…why did the “gay” person marry straight? Aren’t people “born that way?” So it is a personal choice?
Interesting question about adultery… adultery is the intimate betrayal of a sacred, holy relationship. God uses the word “adultery” in the Old Testament to describe how the nation of Israel left Him to follow other gods, sometimes in perverse ways. You be the judge.

12. Being no one can live according to the rules of the Old Testament in 2015, most (read: All) Christians live their lives in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. Does Jesus ever mention homosexuals or homosexual activity?

FIRST: No living being can live according to the rules Christ left for us either. He raised the bar. He didn’t lower it. 

Mat 5:27-28  Ye have heard that it was said, Thou shalt not commit adultery: but I say unto you, that every one that looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. 

We are all sinners. All of us struggle with God’s standards. That is why we need redemption. Instead of changing God’s standards, we should try changing our hearts through a personal relationship with Him. It is what we were made for. It is nothing to be compared to any other human relationship but it profoundly affects every other human relationship.

SECOND: Does He mention homosexuality: Mar 7:20-23  And he said, That which proceedeth out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, evil thoughts proceed, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries,  covetings, wickednesses, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, railing, pride, foolishness: all these evil things proceed from within, and defile the man. 

Apparently several times in the same conversation.

11. During the abomination of slavery in this country, many slave owners turned to a famous book to uphold their practice. What was this book? What were those passages? How do you feel about their picking of passages to uphold the practice of slavery?
The same Bible inspired, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It was a revolutionary idea for the formation of a government at the time. So revolutionary we can hardly understand how radical it was. The same Bible stirred the hearts of others to fight to end slavery in England and here in the U.S. It inspired the formation of countless Abolitionist Societies. 

Anyone can take a passage of Scripture and miss use it to further their cause when they are trying to justify a harmful behavior in society. Hmmm…

10. Do you feel that religion is dying with younger generations? If so, why do you think that is? And furthermore, could churches stand to be more inclusive in spreading the word of God and teachings of Christ?

In the context that you mean it, we should hope that the need for a relationship with God is seen in this next generation. If our nation was founded by the Inspiration of Christianity and the Founders staked everything on the ability of the people to live by the ten commandments we should hope not.

9. When someone tries to take something away from you that you love, how do you feel?
What if I love cocaine? Does anyone love me enough to take it from me? Now that takes love because you could really get hurt trying to take my cocaine.

8. What is the "Golden Rule?"
Does the Gay agenda know this rule? Christians have been told for decades, “Don’t push your morality on me.” So we didn’t. Now who is pushing whose morality?

7. Now that you've researched the "Golden Rule," does question 9 feel different?
See also: Response to #9

6. Are you happily married? If so, how good does it feel to bask in the joy of your marriage?
Yes, and this kind of relationship is available to anyone even if you have been in a relationship with someone of the same sex before.

5. What is the Golden Rule?
It seems like you are struggling here so I’ll elaborate. The Golden Rule is both a guide for negatives as well as positives. Meaning, on the negative side, if you don’t want to be hurt, then don’t hurt anyone else. But what if you are caught in a self destructive behavior would you want anyone to intervene? Would you keep me from entangling others in my habit? That is a gutsy kind of love. And, on the positive side, if you would like for someone to help you accomplish something then look to help someone else accomplish their goals that would create, promote, protect their life, health, character, property or potential. The Golden Rule does not negate right verses wrong. 

4. How do you feel about those who believed in segregation/not allowing mixed races to marry?
Equating homosexual behavior with skin color or gender is a very dangerous slope. When we grant special status to a behavior it will spell the end to our system of laws and justice. I am a thief, it is what I was born to be. You have no right to deny me that way of life.

3. Do you believe strongly in legacy? How do you want your children/grandchildren to think of you?
Yes, I want my kids to know I stood for the truth. That is what this battle is really about. 

2. How did marriage start?
A. A religious institution.
B. A man and a woman in love.
C. An arranged alliance between families to increase land and/or power.
D. An integral part of Creation. 
1. After finding the answer to Question 7, do you think marriage has evolved since its "creation?"
Evolved? Was it supposed to? Isn’t that like “pregnancy” evolving?

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