Thursday, April 22, 2010

Franklin Graham's Military Unvitation

Some of you may have read of the controversy surrounding Franklin Graham and his invitation to speak at the Day of Prayer service at the Pentagon. The link is:

His response is admirable. He, in essence, points out the way to determine Good from Evil with working definitions of the same. That which damages, diminishes or destroys ones life, health, character, property or potential is a good definition to discern what is evil in regards to businesses, organizations, governments, religions, and philosophies. He does a great job of using this guide to point out what Islam does to the lives of those under its rule. It damages diminishes and destroys the property and potential (at least) of the women under is rule.

Those who volunteer for Islamic rule are free to do so but those who do not choose Islam are not free to leave. The damage of such slavery is incalculable.

I join Franklin Graham in saying I love and wish the best for people of the Muslim religion. I hope for them to have the freedom to leave it if they wish. The freedom to make moral distinctions is something we need to promote and exercise.

Knowing and seeking Good leads to a life well lived to its fullest potential.

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