Monday, April 26, 2010

Neutrality is not an Option

A paragraph from Mark Levin's book Liberty and Tyranny:

"Attempts to stigmatize as "religious zealots" or marginalize as "social extremists" those individuals who resist the Statist's secular impositions- for they are the coercion behind America's moral and cultural decline - is to condemn conservatism, the Founders, and the civil society. How can it be said, as it often is, that moral order is second to liberty when one cannot survive without the other? A people cannot remain free and civilized without moral purposes, constraints and duties. What would be left but relativism manifesting itself in anarchy, followed by tyranny and brute force."

There are consequences to what you believe. The battle between Good and Evil is still raging in our time. If you claim neutrality, Evil wins. There is no neutral ground in this fight. Dr Jason Lisle has two rules to remember when someone asks you to meet them on "neutral ground"

1. They are not neutral.

2. You shouldn't be.

Freedom is at stake.

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