Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christianity and Freedom

The following article lays out the threat we are facing with radical Islam here at home. Many would contend that it is not just radical Islam that would like to institute sharia law here in the U.S. I wonder what is the percentage of the total Muslim population that would prefer sharia law over our current legal system. To look at the condition American society today I can see how some would be mislead into believing we would be better off with sharia law established.

I would like to make two points and leave you to hash this out for yourself.

1. If sharia law is a threat to our American freedom then it certainly would not have been the right set of philosophies to draft the American form of constitutional government from. (I believe that no other major religion would have been lead to such a government but lets just consider Islam right now.)

2. If Christianity supplied the over arching set of values and principles that American freedom was born out of, shouldn't we have another look at what we got from Christianity that made us so great? Would our troubles today be less if we still held those values and principles?

OK, so that was more than 2 points but who's counting. If we as citizens had a real understanding of what is good and what is evil we would not be easily fooled by anything (especially dishonest politicians). We used to get that ability to discern good from evil from the Bible.

Our Founders did. Up until the time we started to remove Christian influence from our public life, court rooms, class rooms, town squares etc, our success was a testament to their wisdom.

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