Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Morality Will Prevail

Just in case you thought it an isolated case. The following is another student punished for believing homosexuality to be morally wrong.

Instead of deciding these matters of public policy and morality at the poles we have allowed liberal judges, professors and intellectuals to assign us our morality. I would be very disappointed if abortion had become legal via a national ballot but it would not be nearly as grievous as having the moral issue settled for us by an arrogant panel of judges. National debate, open discussion is at the heart of republican governance. Circumventing these is creating a division among our population that is coming to a head. This could be avoided by letting free Americans exercise their freedoms in deciding what our morality will be.

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  1. Islam also teaches that homosexuality is morally wrong. I have never heard of a Muslim student being expelled for such a conviction and I am paying attention.

    Some will say that because I think homosexuality is wrong that I "hate gays." Nothing could be farther from the truth.