Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Budget Debate

It seems the Dems only want to discuss a budget if the Republicans are drafting one. Otherwise forget about it. They lost all credibility for debate when they failed to pass a budget when it was their responsibility. Of course no documented budget meant no accountability. Don't get me wrong the Republicans are not saints on this topic, but for the Dems to show up and say yay or nay about a budget now is beyond hypocrisy.

They want NOTHING cut. ANY cut is a tax cut for the rich or an attempt to starve seniors or children. So their stance is that America MUST go bankrupt, no exceptions, no alternatives. That should tell voters who they put in office. It is of no satisfaction to me to see us come to this.

All this said, I want to encourage everyone. America, the original spirit of the United States, is not financial or material in nature. She is a nation of ideals, principles, standards and morals that proved superior to all others. It is because of these values that we embraced at our birth that financial and material wealth was amassed more than in any other country in history.

Even the Chinese have come to understand this now.

www.ionainstitute.ie/index.php?id=1336 (Hat tip to dyspepsiageneration.com/)

Even if we are driven off the precipice of financial ruin, all we need to do is reaffirm those values and acknowledge the God from whom they came and we will lead the nations once again in every pursuit known to mankind. (If only we can do this before complete disaster.) A nation that discerns good from evil and pursues good has everything to look forward to and nothing to fear.

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